Massage is the manipulation of the bodys soft tissue, including muscles, the skin, tendons and ligaments.


Massage is carried out using a small amount of oil or talc on the skin to allow a continous flow of movement.  It is known to help relax muscles, help the bodys circulation, remove toxins, help the lymphatic system, stimulate nerve activity, quieten and sooth the nervous system (helping to alieviate stress), and much more.

The benefits of massage can include the lowering of stress levels, assist with relief from headaches, improved joint movement, an increase in sexual vitality, strengthening the skin and relieving muscular tension, especialy in the neck and shoulder areas.

After initial consultation, treatments take between 30 mins and 1 hour, (depending on which treatment is selected), with the client laying on a massage couch.

Essentialy massage of most areas require the area to be free from clothing during the therapy.  In this instance the therapist will leave the room , while the client prepares and cover's up with a sheet, the therapist will then aid the client to get on the couch and cover them with the sheet or towel's.  Only the part of the body being worked on is uncovered, and it is recovered before moving on to the next part.


Please note.-  if you have any medical conditions, it may be necessary to seek medical advice from your G.P. before any treatment can begin.





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